Greater Powerhouse Youth Group

Inspired to go higher. On Fire for God!

Our teen ministry consists of 3 groups: Purity, Knights 4 Light! and Purity Princess.  Each group is uniquely different and strives to help young people navigate their way through the teen years in a most memorable and exciting way.

Purity- Junior Purity (ages 12-14) & Senior Purity (ages 15-17)

Purity President- Kenya Pigg

Purity consists of Junior (ages 12-14) and Senior (ages 15-17) teens called Puritans.  This group focuses on learning how to do the best they can in all areas of their lives.  Purity helps teens to understand the importance of relationships and teaches them how to deal with life issues through prayer, guidance, fellowship and biblical wisdom, while depending on the Holy Spirit for strength.  Purity encourages teens to come to know the One who loves them most…Jesus.


Knights 4 Light!- Group for young men (ages 12-17)

K4L Director- Ben Edwards & Assistant- Vernon Pope

Knights 4 Light!, also known as K4L, is a group for young men (ages 12-17)  that focuses on nurturing teenage boys into godly young men.  K4L helps aids each young man by helping them set and reach attainable goals and encourages them to be young men of standard.  Knights learn basic life skills, are encouraged to seek God and are taught to treat everyone with respect and loving kindness.



Knights presentation

Knights presentation

Knights 4 Light! Again

Knights 4 Light! Again

Purity Princess- Group for young ladies (ages 12-17)

Purity Princess Director- Kenya Pigg & Helper- Rachel Brumfield

Purity Princess is a group for young ladies (ages 12-17) which strives to instill a right estimation of one’s self using biblical truths and principles.  Purity Princess encourages self-expression of each young lady, positive friendships and engages in a variety of outings and activities.  We desire each one to know Jesus, so that they can know themselves.

The first ever Purity Princess!

The first ever Purity Princess!

Friends are precious

Friends are precious


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