Greater Powerhouse Youth Group

Inspired to go higher. On Fire for God!

Youth Pastor- Tony Jackson

Youth Director- Kenya Pigg

Children’s Ministry-

  • Tiny Treasures- Michele Edwards
  • Sunshine Band  (aka Sunshiners)-Melissa Edwards

Teen Ministry-

  • Purity President- Kenya Pigg
  • Purity Princess Director- Kenya Pigg
  • Knights 4 Light! Director- Ben Edwards

 College/Young Adult Ministry-

  • Tony Jackson, Teacher
  • Kenya Pigg, Teacher

Worship Arts- 

  • Hearts of Worship, Praise Dance Instructor- Saquana Sims
  • Jr. Praise Team Leaders- Kenya Pigg & Veronica Morris

Choral Ensemble- Praize 4 Hymn! Youth Choir

  • Kenya Pigg, Choir Director
  • Veronica Morris, Minister of Music

Activities Coordinator- 

  • Rusty Pope, Coordinator of Activities & Outreach


One Comment

  1. Dear Pastor Jackson,

    Thank you for your help and support.

    I am the daughter of Vanessiah Ayres who has a long history of friendship with your church community since the 1990s.

    Have a blessed day!


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