Greater Powerhouse Youth Group

Inspired to go higher. On Fire for God!

Our Children’s Ministry is comprised of two small groups,  Tiny Treasures and the Sunshine Band (aka Sunshiners).  Both groups are designed to help build in young hearts, a love for God and His Son Jesus, while learning and singing and many other activities.

Tiny Treasures (ages 0-4)

Director & Teacher- Michele Edwards

Tiny Treasures, God’s little ones, learn to sit with friends and interact with one another while learning about who Jesus is, how to pray, ABC’s, counting and much more.  This group also loves to watch Bible movies, sing songs and engage in other various activities.

Tiny Treasures

Tiny Treasures


Sunshine Band (ages 5-11)

Sunbeams (ages 5-7) & Sunrays (ages 8-11)

President- Melissa Edwards

Sunshine Band (aka Sunshiners) is a group that has two distinct groups within it, the Sunbeams and the Sunrays.  The Sunshine Band provides activities such as: music, Bible study, drama, field trips and arts and crafts.  The goal of the Sunshine Band is to teach children about God, His love for them and others and to introduce them to His Son Jesus.  The Sunshine Band learns through various activities and learning environments.


the Sunshine Band

the Sunshine Band

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